About. Междисциплинарный художник, фотограф
About. Междисциплинарный художник, фотограф

   Zoya Alsharawneh (b.1978, Simferopol, Ukraine), is an interdisciplinary artist, works with photography, collage, sculpture, appropriation images, land art,  drawing and document performance art. Lives and works between Simferopol, Crimea and Riyad, Saudi Arabia.

 The problem of personality, different aspects of the female archetype and its transformation in different stages of life, moving through mythology, philosophy and psychology with a certain territory and objects are the main themes laying in the sphere of her interests. 

In her works she focuses on the process of self-reflection and searches for visual metaphors and symbols to be used for examinig her life in order to translate the emotional and psychological state into some visual form. She uses different visual models as well as a formal framework to create a complete visual statement.   


-2020 Republic project Inland Empire


-2020 Private Photo review project Inland Empire 


 -2020 Group project in Fotografika about self-isolation 



-2022- Group exibition at DK Gaza, Art-space “Wall” with the project “Book of changes”, Saint Petersburg, Russia

-2021- Group exibition at FFTN Gallery with the project “Reduction to One”, Saint Petesburg, Russia

 -2021 Group exhibition at Wall-online with the project “Maktub”  

-2020 Group exhibition at Art-Residence The Gate series of work rechearching Emmanuel Kant’s moral philosophy, “Hope”, Kaliningrad, Russia

-2020 Group exhibition at Wall-online with the project “Reduction to One”


-2020 Group exhibitoin at Art-residence The Gate  in collage and mixed media art rechearching Emmanuel Kant’s moral philosophy, “Duty”,  Kaliningrad, Russia


-2019 Group exhibition at Wall-online  with the project “Magic Carpet”

-2019 Group exhibition with diploma project “Inland Empire” at Fotografika Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia

-2019 Group exhibition with the project “Future Vision” at Fotografika Gallery, curator S.Stroitelev, St.Petersburg, Russia

-2019 Group exhibition with the project “Future Vision” with Fotografika on Festival “Future” at First Factory of Avantgarde, Ivanovo, Russia

-2019 Group exhibition with project “Inland Empire” at Fotografika gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia

-2019 Group exhibition “Storage devices”, printed digital collage art work “Layers M” at Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow, Russia


2023- Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Continuing Education Program “Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy, Moscow  

2023- Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, graduated as Master of psychology, Moscow

2023- Moscow School of Art-therapy, CPD “Phototherapy and Therapeutic photography”, Moscow

2022- Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis, CPD “Basic of Art-therapy”, Moscow

2022- Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, graduated as Clinical Psychologist, Moscow  

2021-Project educational course by Ekaterina Vasyleva “ Body and the experience”, Saint Petersburg

2021- Project educational course by Ekaterina Vasyleva “New ecology and futurology”, Saint Petersburg

2020- in progress, Magistrate program Moscow institute of Psychoanalisys, psychology, Moscow

2020- Art Residence “Hope in Emmanuel Kant’s moral philosophy”, Kaliningrad, Russia

2020-2021- Moscow institute of Psychoanalysis, Postgraduate Diploma Art-coaching and Art-pedagogue, Master-coach ICI, ECA, Moscow

2020- a personal course by Ekaterina Vasilyeva “Object”, Saint Petersburg

2020- Drawing school “The Gap”, courses “Basic of drawing”, “Composition”, online

2020-Educational drawing course by Elena Tarutina  Art school “The Hunting for stories”

2020- Art Residence “Duty in Emmanuel Kant’s moral philosophy”, Kaliningrad, Russia  

2020-  Educational modules with Yuriy Gudkov Picture and the Context, Foundation FotoDepartament, Saint-Petersburg, Russia; 

2019 — A personal course Intellect or Susceptibility by Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Saint-Petersburg, Russia  

2019- Workshop in portrait photography by Sergey Sarakhanov, Odessa, Ukraine

2019- Project educational course “Real visualist” by Art-Studio “Sun in Bun”, Moscow, 

2019- Project  educational course by Ekaterina Vasilyeva “Invisible Cities”, online

2019-  A course of lectures by Ekaterina Vasilyeva Photography as art. Genres of photography from the point of view of the 21st century, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

 2017−2019 Postgraduate Diploma Educational Foundation Academy of Photojournalism and Documentary photography Fotografika, St. Petersburg  

2004 — National State University of the State Fiscal Service, Graduated specialist in Audit and Accounting, Irpen, Ukraine