The total informational flow covers a person from birth. He is forced to absorb tons of information, like a mythical giant, throwing food into a voracious womb. There hits a point of no return: the memory shorts, sparks and a failure occurs. People can no longer exist without external memory. It’s so convenient: you can set aside «now» for tomorrow and live it later. Terabytes of photographs conserve moments of life, leaving the observer an illusion that he can then relive them again. Overfilled disks of a lived life, deferred megabytes of good weather, sea wind and the smell of grass. Do we remember these moments? We remember the screen refreshing, the neon smell of a motherboard. After all, memory works through touch and smell. Screenshots, links, save as… we are confident in the file’s location. And so while we are standing by that side behind the screens of phones, tablets and cameras, life goes on the opposing side. Do you shoot? I do! Outside the phone frame there is no smell, no participation, no feelings. In general, we’re rarely here and now, we responsibly record everything on drives, observing what is happening from the outside. Some information will be lost, partially broken, distorted and not in demand, it is devoured by glitches, and corrupted hard drives. 0 MB available. We are where we are now. Students of the SUN in BUN Art Studio investigate the territory of memory and the problem of conscious presence in the moment.

If you interested in my art work (photography, digital collage, print on lithographic art paper), follow the gallery link below :

Family Documentary