The Tree of Hope/ in progress

  The aspect of hope in creativity. Artistic practices interact directly with uncertainty: the author does not fully know how the end result of his intent is going to turn out, he has a certain “ideal” project in his head, which almost never coincides with the real one. How to tie these concepts: I think — I create — I hope? Speaking out to the world, am I hoping that it will accept me? Or am I unconsciously hoping to work out my trauma? Pain? If I will have nothing and no one left, what will I be able to hope for? The creative impulse comes from within, but for its manifestation on the outside, a fertile “soil” is needed in which a man-made tree of creative hope has taken root. My location is the desert. Extreme ambient temperatures. This is point 0 in space, everything and nothing, but at the same time, an opportunity and hope to reach the essence.